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  • What are Lauren and Jeffe’s backgrounds?
    Jeffe moved to the Carolina coast in the early ‘90’s, where he chartered offshore fishing trips on the East Coast and the Virgin Islands. Jeffe has been building homes on and off for 16 years as a second career while serving as a local and federal law enforcement officer. Jeffe has since retired from law enforcement to focus on custom home building. Lauren moved to North Carolina from Chicago in 2016 with her husband and children. Before the move, she worked on designing and inspecting residential developments. Lauren has an engineering degree and produces fantastic custom architectural and design work. Lauren and Jeffe initially worked together to build a custom home for her family. Once the two began the building process, Lauren and Jeffe realized they had complementary strengths that made for a great business partnership. While both Lauren and Jeffe are Licensed North Carolina General Contractors, Lauren works directly with the Homeowners in the planning and design phase, while Jeffe’s primary responsibilities begin in the field when we break ground.
  • Why should we choose Longshore?
    At Longshore Custom Homes, we strive to produce high-quality, custom work that will amaze visitors and homeowners every time they arrive at the residence. We also produce true custom work that is tailored to your exact wants and needs. We are certain you will be blown away by the final product we produce. Please feel free to take a look at our Instagram to see examples of our custom work. You can visit our "Gallery" page for a preview of our page (@longshorecustomhomes).
  • Which lot should we choose?
    Lauren and Jeffe excel at being able to identify the proper layout of your new home, as well as possible amenities like pools, docks, detached garages, and more! We can help you decide which lot is best for your individual needs via our free site review.
  • What sets Longshore Custom Homes apart?
    We limit our houses per year to make sure no one is spread too thin. We find our quality is second to none when we keep the number of homes being built to a minimum. This allows our true creativity to blossom and elegance to shine through our work. We do not have any “cookie-cutter” homes predesigned; each home is built from the ground up after carefully reviewing your needs, wants & dreams. When we say custom homes, we mean it. We use amazing manufacturers and carefully selected subcontractors to ensure our quality is the best in the business. Relax, you’re safe with Longshore Custom Homes.
  • What if we have “out of the box” ideas? Can you do that?
    Absolutely! We strive to make each home one of a kind. We love to hear this question, as it’s one of the biggest things we encourage here at Longshore. Your dream home can become a reality with Longshore Custom Homes.
  • Does Longshore Custom Homes work on any sort of remodeling?
    We tend to stay with custom homes and large-scale custom renovations. We would be happy to refer you to some of our partners that specialize in remodeling!
  • What price per square foot can we expect?
    Although we would love to give you an exact number right now, our custom work truly means custom. One homeowner's requests can differ vastly from another homeowner's requests, so we would like to consult with you first before we can estimate the cost. Pricing is based on many factors, including square footage, number of floors, architectural style, specialized options you choose, HOA requirements, etc. With that being said, we can help fit your home design to your budget.
  • How long is your warranty on each home?
    We have a 12-month fit and finish guarantee. We also follow all North Carolina guidelines, and all of our homes have a 6 year structural warranty covered by the Residential Warranty Company.
  • I am extremely interested in energy efficiency. What can Longshore offer to fulfil our interest and help make our energy footprint as small as possible?
    We would be more than happy to assist you in making your newly planned home more energy-efficient. Let’s discuss your preferences at our first design consultation.
  • How can we tell if an area is right for us?
    Our first recommended step is to talk with neighbors and school systems to get an idea of how the community “feels” and how you will fit in. The Topsail and Hampstead area is full of people from diverse age groups, backgrounds, and interests, so there will be something to offer for everyone! For more informaion about relocating to Hampstead, you can download our "Info Packet" by clicking the link on the top of our website.
  • Can we design the house and have Longshore build it?
    Absolutely! We would prefer to have some oversight in all aspects of the building process, including design, since we are putting our name on the final product. With that being said, we welcome other creators' design work.
  • Is it possible to save money by doing some work myself?
    Not really. Longshore prides itself on using licensed and insured professionals to complete our homes. We do not recomened, nor do we allow our clients to work on an uncompleted home. The liability is simply too high for us to allow this kind of practice.
  • Where does Longshore Custom Homes build?
    We offer custom home building in Southeastern North Carolina. These locations are typically Topsail Beach, Hampstead, and Surf City. Any other locations are typically decide on a case by case basis.
  • How long does the building process take?
    Please visit the "Our Process" page for more information pertaining to the build process.
  • Can I make changes during construction?
    Even though we attempt to make all decisions before breaking ground, we understand changes are common with home building. We can inform you when you can and cannot make changes during the process. Changing certain options after construction has begun can bring about a change order fee.
  • I found a floor plan online that I like. Should I purchase it?
    If the floorplan is exactly how you would like your home, absolutely. If there are any changes you want to make, we can talk about your options in one of our preliminary chats.
  • Do you pay a commission to Realtors?
    We do! Longshore Custom Homes is always eager to partner with Realtors in assisting their clients to build their dream home.
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