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The 2023 Parade of Homes - Finola.

See below to bring your design inspiration to life from the Finola Project.

long-shore-custom-homes-living-kitchen-035 (1).jpg

Longshore Market

A BLEND of prices, styles, and lines from high-end designers at a reasonable price from the Finola Parade of Homes.

All of the furniture items are available on-site for purchase or if you are interested in lighting, please email 

long-shore-custom-homes-living-kitchen-035 (1).jpg

Design Board

Be inspired by the Finola Design Board showcasing all of the finishes we used in this custom home.

long-shore-custom-homes-living-kitchen-035 (1).jpg


Longshore greatly appreciates all of the vendors that contributed to Finola.

Please see below for their work and their images link to their websites.